Department Of Civil Engineering

Copyrights Of Civil Department

Sr. No. Name of Applicants Copyright Title Diary No. Year
1 Satish A Pitake Integration of Lean six sigma and BIM as an innovative approach in construction Project 18031/2019-CO/L 2019-20
2 Rahul S. Patil Construction Defects 6411/2020-CO/L 2019-20
3 Rahul S. Patil Use of Check list for calculation of Six Sigma in construction Items 6411/2020-CO/L 2019-20
4 Sudarshan Bobade Mitigation of landslide hazard by correlation between soil characteristics and related drainage using Geospatial techniques 17507/2019-CO/L 2019-20
5 Gajanan N Supe Vertical Sewage treatment Plant 17596/2019-CO/L 2019-20
6 Mayura Milind Yeole Multi-Scale Model Development using Characteristics of Road and Mixed Traffic Flow for Accident Prediction 8828/2018-CO/L 2018-19
7 Mayura Milind Yeole & Sandeep Vinayakrao Wani Shikshaka 810/2018-CO/L 2017-18
8 Mayura Milind Yeole Innovative Pipette For Suction of Large Volume of Liquid Without Formation of Bubbles 736/2018-CO/L 2017-18
9 Gajanan Namdeo Supe & Sandeep Vinayakrao Wani My Luck Factor Calculator 644/2018-CO/L 2017-18
10 Sandeep Vinayakrao Wani Maitri Tuzi Mazi 903/2018-CO/L 2017-18
11 Sandeep Vinayakrao Wani Pappa, Janmojanmi Tumcha Ladla Hoil Ka 795/2018-CO/L 2017-18
12 Gajanan Supe & Aniket D Patil New Indicator Lights to Indicate The Availability of Side for Overtaking 711/2018-CO/L 2017-18
13 Aniket D Patil Efficient Reuse of Greywater to Flush The Toilets Without Pumping In G+1 or Multi-Storey Building 706/2018-CO/L 2017-18
14 Aniket D Patil Advanced Indicator With Focus Light To Provide Side Sight Clearance For Vehicle Drivers While Turning 700/2018-CO/L 2017-18
15 Aniket D Patil Modified Garbage Trucks For Road Cleaning 681/2018-CO/L 2017-18
16 Pranjali A Chiwhane, Priyanka R Dhumal & Aniket D Patil Solar Operated Automatic Shredder System In Garbage Shoot 666/2018-CO/L 2017-18
17 Aniket D Patil Structutral Health Monitoring of Rc Beam Using Piezoelectric Material 715/2018-CO/L 2017-18
18 Priyanka R Dhumal Auto Detection System For Change In Wheel Alignment 677/2018-CO/L 2017-18
19 Sudarshan Sampatrao Bobade & Anand Basvraj Kudoli User Friendly Design of Scientific Calculator 630/2018-CO/L 2017-18
20 Sudarshan Sampatrao Bobade Fakta Tuzach 628/2018-CO/L 2017-18
21 Nidhi Khare App Showing Indication of Availability Parking Spaces According To Type of Vehicle 671/2018-CO/L 2017-18
22 Sagar Pagar, Mayur Khadke & Mahesh Khandbhor Plastic Embeded Concrete Block 749/2018-CO/L 2017-18