Department Of Civil Engineering

Student Association Of Civil Department

Details of extra-Curricular activities organized by Civil Engineering Students Association.

Sr. No. Name Of Activity No. Of Participants Date Objective Outcomes
1 INTERCOLLEGIATE TECHNOVATE 2020 150 13/02/2020 To enhance technical skills of students in field of Construction. To improve practical knowledge by giving hands on exposure of industry. Improvement in technical skill set in field of construction Industry.
2 TREE PLANTATION 30 14/08/ 2019 To create sense of social awareness to the society . Awareness to the society in the importance of planting and saving trees, express our concern to the environment, and diminish the unfavorable effects of climate change
3 INAGURAL FUNCTION -GURUPOURNIMA 100 16/07/2019 To express their gratitude about teachers In order to pay tribute and respect to these gurus
4 Orphanage Visit 30 5/09/2018 To create sense of social responsibility. Help to needy students through donation.
5 Teachers day and Logo Inauguration 120 5/09/2018 To communicate and interact with our colleagues and professors. Introduce themselves to their friends and take guidance from professors.
6 Technovate 120 24/03/2018 To develop sense of social awareness and motivate students with technique Ability to deals with technical problem. Improvement in technical skill set. Improvement in Leadership, organizing and managing skills