Department Of Civil Engineering

Patents Of Civil Department

Sr. No. Staff / Students Name of Applicants Patent Title Patent No. Patent Filing Date
01 Staff 1. Anand Basavraj Kudoli
2. Suraj Alhat
3. Rohit Borhade
4. Rohit Jawale
5. Shubham Mali
Economical and Eco-Feasible method of slab curing pad 202021010792 13/03/2020
02 Principal+Staff+ Students 1. Dr. H.U.Tiwari
2.Anand Basavraj Kudoli
System for recycling of water in drinking Water units 201921044986 11/06/2019
03 Staff Mayura Yeole Innovative Pipette For Suction of Large Volume of Liquid Without Formation of Bubbles 201921052221 17/12/2019
04 Staff+Students 1. A.G.Gunjal
2. S.S.Wanjare
3. P.S.Patil
5. S.L.Bedagkar
"Measurements of linear distances and horizontal angle by single instrument set up" 201821027109 20/07/2018
05 Student S. S. Yewale "Fixing road surface potholes by metal sheet and spikes" 201821004544 07/02/2018
06 Staff + Students 1. P.A. Chiwhane
2. V.B. khamgal
3. S.R.Darwade
4. O.A.Jadhav
5. A.D.Kilkile
"Reuse the waste water using emerging technique of sewage treatment" 201821020665 01/06/2018
07 Staff G. N. Supe “Innovative technique to improve suspension in two wheeler sheet” 201721041388 20/11/2017
08 Staff G. N. Supe “Bed sheet or Blanket direction indicator” 201721041393 20/11/2017
09 Staff G. N. Supe “Innovative system to systems to improve settling of sediments in the water storage tank” 201721041382 20/11/2017
10 Staff 1.G. N. Supe
2.S. S. Bobade
3.Shreedhar Sharanappa
“Smart and Innovative lid to avoid spillage of milk” 201721041383 20/11/2017
11 Staff 1.G. N. Supe
2.M. M. Yeole
“Permanent solution on the leakage of water from plant pots” 201721041379 20/11/2017
12 Staff + Students 1.BobadeSudarshan S.
2.Kulkarni Shubham
5.Gadekar Priyanka.
Compact Waste Water Treatment Unit with the provision of Waste Water Clarification and Sludge Processor 201721034417 28/08/2017
13 Staff Amar D. Shitole A System or Geometric Instrument for showing the Direction of Rotation of Object Under the Action of Unbalanced Force for Moment Calculation About a Fixed Point or at Axis. 201721027976 08/07/2017
14 Staff Amar D. Shitole A Space and Cost Effective Structure of Ear Bud 201721027982 08/07/2017
15 Student Nitin P. Mate Reuse of Organic Waste as a Compost 201721016502 11/05/2017
16 Students 1.KulkarniShubham
3.Hasabe Reshma
4.Gadekar Priyanka.
River Sweeping Arm (River Cleaning System With Screening, Chlorination & Aeration) 201721001069 01/11/2017
17 Staff 1.Anand Basavraj Kudoli
2.Sudarshan S. Bobade
Innovating and Efficient Smart Calculator with Unit System 201621032482 23/09/2016
18 Staff 1.Anand Basavraj Kudoli
2.Sudarshan S. Bobade
Innovative and Efficient Logistic System for Sugar Industries 201621030821 09/09/2016
19 Student 1.Shubham S. Kulkarni Plasto Fly Ash Brick 201621030816 09/09/2016
20 Students 1.OnkarIndalkar
2.Akshaykumar Kacha
Laser Assembly Used For Surveyor's Tripod Centering 201621027266 08/08/2016